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OktoCareer is the leading web based solution for efficient and effective work flows in HR consulting.

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The leading cloud solution for HR consulting

Personnel consulting made easy. With OktoCareer you will find the right candidates for the vacancies of your clients. Both candidates and clients are optimally looked after with the help of OktoCareer.

Due to the web-based cloud technology, you are not only optimally connected to the outside world, but your team also works more efficiently and more integrated. The management keeps the overview on an aggregated level.

Candidates module

  • Manual creation of candidate files by the consultant
  • Import from LinkedIn or XING at the push of a button
  • Relating incoming e-mails to candidates
  • Search the candidate database
  • Entry of qualifications via online questionnaires
  • Double entry search and double entry merging
  • CV Parsing
  • Questionnaire in different languages
  • Detailed candidate profiles with individually defined parameters
  • Candidate photo
  • Internal PDF candidate profile
  • Direct links to Google Maps, LinkedIn, etc.
  • Display of candidate related activities
  • Follow ups
  • Contact history
  • Sending e-mails
  • Relating incoming e-mails to candidates
  • Variable e-mail templates
  • Indication of assignments, that are related to the candidate
  • Employment history
  • Outlook integration (and all other e-mail programs)
  • Automatically structured storage of incoming emails from candidates in their files
  • Upload of documents (cv, recommendations, etc.)
  • Variable templates for external PDF candidate profiles
  • Indication of consultant that is in charge
  • Documents (also PDF) are included in the key word search
  • Creation of candidate lists
  • Creation of short lists
  • CSV export
  • E-Mail newsletter, serial e-mails (limited receiptients)
  • Birthday list

Candidate file

Candidate interface in HR consultant software
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Keep an overview and keep in touch

The profiles for personnel consulting are recorded in the applicant database and are available to identify the right candidate for your client.

Profiles are filled out by the advisor or online by the candidate himself.

All contact to the applicant is saved, so that the candidate can be continuously optimally looked after. At the same time, all relevant information for the job vacancy is available when you need it.

If desired, you can maintain long-term contact with selected candidate groups via e-mailings.

Clients module

  • Indication of related companies in the database
  • Sales relevant information like client potential and acquisition status
  • Direct links to Google Maps, etc.
  • Upload of documents (e.g. assignments, company register information, etc.)
  • Documentation of contacts, activities, histories
  • Suggested candidates
  • Indication of activities that are related to the client
  • Sending e-mails with the system
  • E-Mail inbox
  • Variable e-mail templates
  • Follow ups
  • E-mail newsletter, serial e-mails (limited receipients)
  • Candidate-flash e-mail
  • Outlook integration (and all other e-mail programs)
  • Automatically structured storage of incoming emails from customers in their files
  • Various search options
  • Geographic search
  • Creation of company lists with contact persons and sorting options

Customer database

View of the company list in HR consultant software
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Take care of your customers more efficiently and better

With the OktoCareer software for personnel consulting you bring the right candidates together with employers.

You can freely design templates for candidate profiles and take the information from the data records.

Communication with the customer, contact person, addresses, orders and the proposed candidates are available to you at a glance.

Assignement module

  • Creation of personnel search assignments
  • Saving detailed candidate requirements
  • Assignment tracking
  • Automated import of the candidate requirements in an online job add with the add generator
  • Publication of job adds in the company corporate design
  • Online application function
  • Connection to external job sites
  • Overview of the candidates that are related to the assignment

Function overview
assignement module

Assignement interface inside the personnel consulting software
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Keep track of your orders

New orders are recorded in OktoCareer and assigned to the customer. All order-related actions are linked to the order so that you always know what the status and history of the personnel consulting assignment looks like.

In connection with the order, you can see which calls you made, which emails you wrote and which candidates you proposed.

Orders can be assigned to agents so that each agent can see the status of their orders in the resubmission list.


  • Classification of companies and contact persons
  • Search of customers and prospects by different criteria
  • Saving of hit lists and search queries
  • Serial letter function for newsletters and serial e-mails (limited receipients)
  • Assigning consultants to customers
  • Follow ups
  • Outlook integration (and all other e-mail programs)
  • Automatically structured storage of incoming emails from interested parties in their files
View of searches in HR consultant software
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Bundle your sales activities

OktoCareer contains an integrated customer relation management module for existing and target customers.

The integrated mailing function allows the specific creation of e-mails to existing customers and Target customers and thus helps with the process of personnel consulting. The geographic selection function provides you with an additional valuable tool.


  • Name search
  • Key word search
  • Geographic search
  • Structured profile search
  • Search by personal criteria
  • Search by candidate status
  • Consideration of documents (also PDF) in the key word search
  • Generation of search result lists
  • Sorting and grouping of search results
  • Saving of search queries

Function overview

Candidate comparison interface in HR consultant software
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Fill positions with the right candidate

With the OktoCareer Matching you will find the most suitable candidates from your applicant database for a successful personnel consulting.

There are a variety of options available to you, from free text search to structured search.

Candidates can be divided into lists and marked for further processing.


  • Statistics about company actions (offers, orders, cancellations, etc.)
  • Statistics job boards
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Stay on top of things

The reporting functions of OktoCareer give the management an aggregated overview of current orders and activities in personnel consulting.


  • Find the candidates together with your customer in the app.
  • Candidate database with contact details.
  • Always have your most important contacts with you.
  • Overview of the orders with the most important key data.
  • Don't lose track of things on the go.
  • Company contacts
  • Access to your customer data on the go.

Web App for HR consultants

With the OktoCareer app for personnel consulting for iPhone and Android, you always have your most important contacts with you.

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HR consultant web app examples


Can I import existing clients and candidates in the system?

Depending on the data format, we can import the existing master data.

Who will perform the system setup?

We are doing the system setup in cooperation with you. Parts can be done by yourself and other parts are done by us according to your specifications.

How long does the system setup take?

You can start right away, using the questionnaire and e-mail templates, provided by us. Individual configuration is done according to your specifications. After getting familiar with the system, you will be able to do this yourself.

What is the purpose of the questionnaire?

The questionnaire is a central part of the system. It serves for capturing the qualification of the candidates. The questionnaire is configured in the system according to your specifications. The questionnaire should be customized for your candidate target group. This includes contents and the level of detail of the required information. If needed, the questionnaire can branch out according to the answers in order to ask candidates only the relevant questions.

Can you provide a questionnaire?

Yes, we have developed a questionnaire for more than 1000 professional qualifications of different industries. You may use this questionnaire or modify it without extra charge.

Do I have to write the e-mail templates myself?

We will provide more than 50 e-mail templates. You can edit these and add more. In any case you should be able to start your work right away with the existing templates.

Can I run OktoCareer on my own server?

No, OktoCareer is a pure web application. You do not need your own server to use OktoCareer.

How can I get my complete data?

As an administrator, you can download the database yourself any time.

In which countries can I use OktoCareer?

OktoCareer is available in German, English, French, Spanish, Italian, Chinese and Japanese.

Can I connect OktoCareer to the job market on my website?

Yes, applications will run up directly in the OktoCareer system.

Can I extract information from CVS?

Yes, with our CV parsing engine, information is extracted from the CVs and it is stored in the candidate file. This saves manual data entry work.

What is the duration of the contract?

6 months.

Which job-boards can be connected?

Basically, almost all job-boards can be connected to OktoCareer. For the connection, a setup fee will be charged for each job-board.

Can I migrate the data from my old system?

Data from old systems can usually be imported into OktoCareer.


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